How to Join the Indian Army


How to Join the Indian Army

For those who wish to become a soldier, the first thing you should know is how to join the Indian army. You can apply for the coveted position through the various entry schemes conducted by the Army. These are open to all men and women who have graduated from a recognized university. You should be physically fit and free of any deformities. However, if you are a student, you should make sure that you are fit enough for the military.

After qualifying in the entrance examination, you can apply for a position in the Indian army. You can choose between the Officers Training Academy and the Graduate Entry, which are both considered to be the most competitive routes. To get into the OTA, you should have a degree in Engineering in a notified stream and be between the ages of 20 and 27. This is the only way to become an officer in the Indian army, but you can also apply for the PBOR and Clerk/SKT if you're already serving in the armed forces.

The next step in joining the Indian army is the SSB or the Police Entry Application. If you're qualified, you'll be called for a medical assessment and an SSB interview. If you've passed the SSB, you'll be invited to take the next step. This is the next step in the recruitment process. You can also apply for other positions in the Indian army. Remember to be physically fit.

The final step in the recruitment process is to clear all of the stages. The NDA training lasts for 4 years, while the CDS training lasts for 9 months. Then, you'll undergo the IMA training, which takes about a year. Once you've passed the written exam, the Service Selection Board will invite you for an interview. You can download your admit card with your date of birth and mobile number from the Army's website.

There are two types of entry exams for the Indian Army. The first is the Combined Defence Service (CDS) exam, which is a standardized entrance exam that recruits men and women into all three spheres of the Indian defence services. The age limit for both the SSC and the PC is 19 years old. There are other entrance exams, too. The Combined Defense Service Exam is an all-India exam held twice a year.

The second type of entry test is the NCC. This is a popular way to join the Indian army. The age criteria for OTA is 19 years old. For the IMA, the age limit is 25. Candidates are required to pass the Combined Defence Service Exam (CDS) examination for the IMA. In case you are a graduate, you can try to apply for the IMA. It takes 49 weeks to complete.

The third type is the Technical Scheme Examination. The CDS exam requires a minimum of 50% marks in your 10+2 examination. The applicant must be between 16 1/2 and 19 years of age and unmarried. For the TSE, the applicant must have a Bachelor's degree in engineering. A TSE is held in June/July. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will receive a permanent commission after four years of service.

There are two main ways to join the Indian army. The first is to apply for the Technical Graduate Course. If you have a BTech degree, you can apply for a TGC. The second method is to take the CDS exam. The TGC is a written examination, and the notification is published in the leading newspapers and journals. The TGC is an armed forces branch. The second option is to join the Indian army.

The next option is to apply for a permanent commission. A permanent commission can be obtained by passing the NDA Written Exam. The successful candidate will be awarded a SSC on probation. After the TGE, the candidate will receive a Permanent Commission as a Lieutenant. A successful applicant will be given a commission in the Indian Army. While applying for a TGC, applicants should have at least one year of education.

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