Cenforce Pill Side Effects


Cenforce Pill Side Effects

There are numerous benefits to taking the Cenforce pill, but there are also side effects to the drug. Because it lowers blood pressure, it may lead to a painful erection and may cause indigestion and photophobia. In addition, men may experience nasal congestion and headaches when taking the Cenforce pill. This pill should not be used by women or by people with heart disease. If you have taken the wrong kind of medication, you may experience serious consequences.

Cenforce 25 mg tablets should be taken at least twice a day. The recommended starting dose for men is 50 mg. It is important to remember that a larger dosage is needed for better effect. Alcohol and drugs may increase the risks of the drug, so do not take it with alcohol. If you do take alcohol or drugs, you should avoid taking the Cenforce pill. However, you can increase the dosage for maximum benefit. It is also best to take a meal at least two hours before taking the Cenforce pill.

The Cenforce pill is safe and is approved by doctors for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. While the drug may not be safe for children or women, it can help treat ED symptoms in men. It is recommended for men suffering from impotency. Because it is safe and effective, it is safe to take the Cenforce pill, but you should not take it without consulting a physician. Always take the drug as directed by your doctor and never tamper with it.

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